Austria Vetoed Romania’s Accession to Schengen – What a Shame!

After Austria vetoed Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area, many people in Romania may be considering ways to boycott Austrian interests in the country. Here are some possible steps that individuals and organizations can take to express their dissatisfaction with Austria’s decision:

  1. Avoid purchasing products or services from Austrian companies. This could include boycotting Austrian-owned businesses such as retail stores or restaurants, as well as avoiding products made by Austrian firms.
  2. Refrain from using Austrian-owned or operated services, such as airlines or hotels. Instead, consider using alternative providers that are not affiliated with Austria.
  3. Research alternative vacation destinations that are not affiliated with Austria. This could include other countries in Europe or elsewhere in the world.
  4. Make travel arrangements to the chosen destination, rather than to Austria. This could involve booking flights, hotels, and other accommodations through non-Austrian providers.
  5. Encourage others to join the boycott by sharing information about it on social media and other platforms. This could help to raise awareness about Austria’s decision and the impact it has on Romania.
  6. Consider organizing or participating in protests or other public demonstrations against Austria’s veto. This could include marches, rallies, or other forms of public expression.
  7. Contact your elected representatives and ask them to take action in response to Austria’s decision. This could include urging them to impose sanctions or other measures against Austria, or to work to overturn the veto. While boycotting Austrian interests in Romania may or may not directly change Austria’s decision, it can be a way for individuals and organizations to express their dissatisfaction and to show their support for Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area.

Austria, your name in Romanian language spells disappointment!


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