FirstBank Earns Recognition for Investing in Colorado, Arizona, and California Communities Through Financial Literacy and Charitable Contributions

In a Nutshell: FirstBank is a rare breed among large financial institutions in that it prioritizes customer satisfaction and community reinvestment. It starts with supporting financial literacy initiatives that educate children on the importance of money management. FirstBank also donates to local nonprofit organizations and encourages employees to give back by providing paid time off for volunteer work. And on the customer side, FirstBank offers a convenient, mobile-centric experience that meets consumers where they are. For its service, we recognize FirstBank with our Editor’s Choice™ Award for Community Investment.

Credit unions pride themselves on providing personalized customer care and actively engaging in the community involvement, but their reach typically doesn’t extend beyond a single service area. Large financial institutions with regional or nationwide footprints may rely on online customer support and choose to partner with causes that help more extensive networks of people, with less focus in individual communities.

But FirstBank — one of the largest privately held banks in the United States — offers the best of both worlds.

“We’re a big bank that uses a community banking model, and we pride ourselves on taking great care of our customers, being innovative, having great technology platforms, and meeting our customers where and when they want to bank,” said Emily Robinson, COO of FirstBank.

FirstBank logo and motto

The institution, founded in Colorado in 1963, now holds more than $19 billion in assets, has 2,900 employees, and maintains 115 locations in its home state as well as in Arizona and California.

FirstBank leverages its size and vast resources to make a positive impact on the cities and towns it serves. Its tagline is “Banking for Good,” and that goes for employees as well as customers and communities.

“That’s the compass that keeps us heading in the right direction,” Robinson said. “We’re always looking for ways to make the right decisions and to do the right things in all areas.”

FirstBank gives back through volunteerism and support for local charitable causes as well as financial literacy programs in local schools. This approach sets it apart from the big banking crowd, and, for that, we recognize FirstBank with our Editor’s Choice™ Award for Community Investment.

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