Harvest Rock Church Reopens During Prophetic Times

In the midst of nation-wide protests and riots coinciding with a world pandemic and economic recessions, worshippers are congregating at churches seeking a guiding light. Last Sunday, Harvest Rock Church welcomed back worshippers on the Day of Pentecost. After months of live streaming sermons on YouTube, the church has finally been able to reopen to hold in-person services. Following safety guidelines issued by the State, the church allowed worshippers to congregate on this major Christian holiday with great efforts to minimize health and safety risks. The church’s decision to reopen was met with outpouring support and overwhelmingly positive response from the community as they have long anticipated for it.

While exercising social distancing, Christians gathered at Pasadena’s Ambassador Auditorium on Sunday to celebrate the Day of the Pentecost. The holiday commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles and other followers of Jesus Christ. Leading the sermon titled “More Shaking, More Glory,” Senior pastor Ché Ahn addressed the enthusiastic crowd with powerful and resonating words. “The darker it gets the greater the lights of revival,” says Pastor Ché as he touched on many important topics including the recent tragic murder of George Floyd. “We all saw the injustice of that murder take place right in front of us and we are all impacted and disheartened by it.” Pastor Ché also discussed the devastating mental effect of the coronavirus pandemic. He shared his mutual struggle caused by the lockdown, “I feel your pain because if I’m going through it myself and I’m a positive person, I know you are going through anxiety.”

Due to the devastating economic impact of Covid-19, the church has been actively providing relief to those who are affected, launching a new ministry called City Care Project.

Understanding that the dollar is more important now than ever, the church has dedicated $50,000 to Pasadena’s small businesses. The project aims to revitalize the community and assist businesses as they reopen. Donations are also accepted by the public. “We are committed to positively utilize every cent that comes to the City Care Project, which we will donate and distribute to bless people,” says Pastor Ché.

Harvest Rock Church made careful preparations to resume the in-person service: implementing state codes such as taking temperature tests of all attendees, wearing masks, functioning at less than 25% capacity, suspending pre and post-service gatherings. The church is even taking further measures to ensure the safety of its members. A list of safety requirements can be found on the church’s website. While attendance is not encouraged for those who are at risk, the church continues streaming live sermons and Zoom church prayers on YouTube accommodating all its members. “We have to keep the crowd down to a hundred or less, but they can watch us online of course. We have to abide by the city and county guidelines until they lift that off.”

Harvest Rock Church is expanding and launching new congregations in Downtown Los Angeles, Corona and Irvine amid the lockdown. During these prophetic times, it is a critical period for Christians, who spent the first half of the year worshipping at home, to finally being able to reconnect with their community and church in person. Harvest Rock Church and Pastors Ché and Sue Ahn encourage all people to live with the guidance of Jesus Christ in this and all times.”  “Love never fails,” explains Pastor Sue, “Faith, hope and love – but the greatest of these is love. Let us see through the heart and eyes of love. Love is the healing factor that will bring everyone together. There is a desperation for a movement of love.”

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