Large Mesa family adopting 5 more kids

The Thomas family already had nine kids, with one of them adopted. On Tuesday, they added five more to the group, after a family court in Mesa made it official.

While two of the Thomas family’s kids now have families of their own, that still leaves 12 kids at home. Needless to say, that’s a lot, but fortunately, they’ve got plenty of love to go around.

The newest addition to the Thomas family is Lazer, 5, and his four brothers and sisters. Four years ago, the five brothers and sisters needed a home, and the Thomas’ stepped in to foster them.

“They came twice. The last time they came, some were barefoot, and they said we need to come back to your house, and we’re like okay, come on back,” said Marci Thomas.

Marci runs the household full time, and the kids attend four different schools.

“It’s nuts,” said Marci. “We’ve got a lot of teens and these little guys too, so its never boring. Our house is never boring.”

Never boring, and never lacking for love.

“It’s all about that for us. We just love family,” said Will Thomas.

Marci says she can’t encourage people to foster enough, saying it fills your heart, and fills a dire need. Marci also says DCS really helped them with the process, and they couldn’t be happier.

Source: Fox 10

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