In Loving Memory of My Dear Husband – Cristian Silaghi

How do you capture the essence of a man and his 33 years on this earth in a few paragraphs?

My husband, Christian Silaghi, was a man of character and great faith, a devoted husband and father, a loyal brother and friend, a reliable family member, and an honest and hard worker.

He was born in Romania in a large family of 7 siblings and always viewed the world with a positive attitude through his kind and curious blue eyes. From the time he was very young he treated everyone with respect and kindness and always offered a helping hand. This continued throughout his entire life to the very end. In 1998 he immigrated to America but never lost his deep pride and love for his homeland and heritage. He often said that in 2005 his world changed for the better when he married me, the love of his life, and joined my family. And so did mine.

He loved my family and enjoyed spending time together. He fit in beautiful, teasing my sister or niece, helping with computers and cell phones, doing a project with my brother-in-law, or just extending every visit: “just a few more minutes”.

We shared eleven wonderful years together and two beautiful daughters, Christine and Natalie. He was a hands-on father and very involved in the care of our children. He delighted in every moment of parenting his girls – from preparing organic meals to playing games, Friday movie night, and brushing teeth. He just loved being with them. They feel so lost without him. We all do.

He had a compassionate and humble heart and was always willing to generously give of himself and his time to help anyone. Sometimes we would get frustrated because we would miss him and want to spend some of that time with him. But he was always aware of the world and the people around him. Upon finally buying our first home, Christian told me that we were so blessed. In return for our good fortune, we must do more for others. He suggested that every time I prepare a meal, I should make a plate of hot food to take to our neighbors. This was his very last request he made to me as he headed out of door to help our neighbor and good friend, Dr. Tryon.

Christian was a gift to all of us. He leaves a legacy of honor, goodness, faith and love.

Until we meet again,

Alina Silaghi
Phoenix, Arizona

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