Minister Burduja Announces Digitalization of Romania’s Bureaucracy – Ionel Coltea

Sebastian Burduja, the minister of Research, Innovation, and Digitalization in the Government of Romania, has announced that starting in 2023, the bureaucracy in Romania will undergo a digitalization process. Under this initiative, public institutions will provide citizens with free online forms for all services, eliminating the need for physical copies of public documents such as identity cards, birth certificates, and marriage certificates.

This move is expected to significantly reduce the burden on citizens, who will no longer have to spend time and money obtaining copies of these documents or paying for their use. It will also streamline the process of accessing government services, making it more efficient and convenient for all involved.

The digitalization of the bureaucracy in Romania is a major step forward for the country, and it is expected to have a positive impact on the lives of citizens. By providing easy and convenient access to government services, it will help to improve the quality of life for all Romanians.

Minister Burduja and the Government of Romania should be commended for their efforts to modernize and streamline the bureaucracy in the country. This move will benefit not only the citizens of Romania, but also the government itself, which will be able to provide better and more efficient services to its people.

The digitalization of the bureaucracy in Romania is just one aspect of the government’s broader efforts to embrace technology and innovation. Under Minister Burduja’s leadership, the country has made significant strides in research and development, and has established itself as a hub for innovation in Eastern Europe.

In addition to the digitalization of the bureaucracy, the government has also launched initiatives to promote the use of technology in education, healthcare, and other sectors. These efforts have helped to position Romania as a leader in the region, and have attracted the attention of investors and technology companies from around the world.

As Romania continues to modernize and embrace technology, it is likely that the country will see even more progress and success in the years ahead. Minister Burduja and the Government of Romania should be commended for their efforts to drive innovation and digitalization, and for their commitment to improving the lives of citizens through the use of technology.


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