Pakistan Issues Death Sentence for Young Christian Boy, 16, Accused of Blasphemy

In a shocking and disturbing turn of events, a group of radical Muslim extremists in Pakistan have successfully made false blasphemy charges against a 16-year-old boy named Shahzad Masih. Despite the fact that Shahzad Masih did not commit any crimes and did not make any inflammatory statements, he has been falsely accused and will now face the death penalty.

According to the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, Shehzad Masih is imprisoned and sentenced to death for blasphemy. The group of extremists fabricated the charges against Shahzad Masih and pressured the judge to sentence him to death. This is a clear abuse of power and a gross injustice, and it highlights the dangerous and oppressive nature of radical Islamism.

Shahzad Masih’s case is just one example of the many instances of blasphemy charges being used to persecute and silence minority groups in Pakistan. These charges are often baseless and are used as a means of intimidation and control. It is crucial that the international community speak out against these injustices and stand in solidarity with those who are being unfairly targeted.

The situation facing Shahzad Masih is truly heart-breaking, and it is imperative that action be taken to protect him and ensure that he receives a fair trial. No one should be sentenced to death based on false charges, and it is our responsibility to speak out against these injustices and stand up for what is right.


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