Seasons – By Shanea Hafeya Simoniak

Chicago, Illinois

The thick brush is covered in snow.
Among the trees hides a scavenging doe
From the Howling winds of the frigid winter
Chasing the hibernators into their borough

Thin trees branch out from the ground
Muting the noisy outer sound:
The hustle and bustle of human life
Skyscrapers and cars which the forest, surround

Now still and silent the forest recovers.
The snow melts off and nature doesn’t shutter.
The forest once quiet awakes from its sleep:
Lively birds chirp and a busy bee hovers

Trees produce flowers, and blooming sight to see.
All their vibrant colors really amaze me.
Nature is back on track again, teeming with life
All working together in pleasant harmony

After spring passes, summer is here.
Vegetation continues its cycle and breezes disappear.
Everything in nature appears so still and dry,
And warm rays of sun shine through the atmosphere

Children go to playgrounds and run around all day.
School is finally out and seems so far away
A time for “outdoor fun” to kids young and old.
Everyone is smiling, and no one’s in dismay.

When leaves fall and crunch beneath your feet,
It means it’s time for us to repeat
Another year of going back to school,
Starting with the first day when again we meet.

Nature changes from green to drier hues
The trees shed and, their leaves lose
And winter is coming soon after this?
The chilly weather & nature are perfectly good clues.

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  • February 1, 2021 at 12:09 PM

    I love it !


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